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IT'S MORPHIN TIME! WWE hero CM Punk offered second UFC fight against green Power Ranger and karate black belt Jason David Frank. Punk – real name Phil Brooks – brought mainstream and cross-over attention to the UFC and was the subject of a documentary leading up to his octagon bow. But he was demolished in the first round of his grand unveiling by young grappler Mickey Gall who forced the 38-year-old to tap. Jason David Frank played Tommy Oliver - the green Power Ranger - in the original line-up of the hit kids show Mighty Morphin Power Rangers between 1993-1995.

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The MMA fan quit professional wrestling to pursue his dream of being a legitimate martial artist and he was handed a huge chance by UFC boss Dana White.
Punk has disappeared since his embarrassing cage debut but he has a real life superhero ready and waiting to fight him as the UFC plan his return. Frank also starred in two spin-off films of the show, switching to become the Red Turbo Ranger for the 1997 blockbuster Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie. However, the 43-year-old is a serious martial artist with four amateur wins and one pro triumph leaving him unbeaten.

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Wrestling MMA & More

Wrestling MMA & More